Police arrest a brutal gun customer Kill the tragic rider.

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Police arrest a brutal gun customer Kill the tragic rider.

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Police arrest a brutal gun customer Kill the tragic rider.
New York police have arrested a manslot168xosuspected of shooting dead a food delivery worker in Queens in April after he harassed a restaurant. claiming to have received too little 'Nam Rad Duck'

Glen Hirsch, 51, was arrested by police at his home on 141st street in New York City. last Wednesday night Charged with murder and possession of a firearm

Hirsch is a murder suspect. Yan Zhiwen, 45, a food delivery worker at Great Wall, took place as he was on his way to deliver food near the intersection of 108th and 67th streets. Around 9:30 p.m. on April 30, a man fired several shots at Yan in the chest area.

The scene was far from the Great Wall store. only a few hundred meters A video from nearby CCTV shows footage of the incident. It can be seen that Yan tried to reverse the car to escape from the gunman, but was unsuccessful. He later died at Elmhurst Hospital.

From the investigation of the suspects. is a male customer who before the accident He had regularly harassed the restaurant where Yan had been an employee for more than 20 years, becoming increasingly violent since November last year.

Yang Kai, a 53-year-old shopkeeper, said that before the incident, the customer had expressed anger over the "duck sauce", accusing him of The shop gave little water to pour. Later, Yang's car was slashed several times.

Employees of the store once caught that This customer is cutting the car on January 28, 2022. He draws a gun to threaten. but was captured by a group of employees in which the group included Yan

After the murder, Yang testifies to the police about the troubled client. who was driving a Lexus-branded SUV the same way someone was seen accelerating away from the scene As a result, the police tracked down Hirsch, who had 10 criminal records and was later confirmed. It's the same person who likes to harass the store.

Yan emigrated from China in 2001 with a wife and three children. He is a good person and loves his family. Work hard to raise your wife and children. They are also loved in the community.
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