Court orders a medical university in Tokyo Paid compensation

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Court orders a medical university in Tokyo Paid compensation

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Court orders a medical universityสล็อต 168 ฟรีเครดิตin Tokyo Paid compensation of more than 2 million baht to female students who were discriminated against.
AFP news agency reported on May 19 that Juntendo University. which is a medical school in Tokyo Japan The Tokyo District Court has been ordered to pay compensation to a group of 13 female students who were discriminated against by the university during their entrance exams. Local media reported that the total amount ordered by the court to pay compensation to the 13 female students totaled around 8 million yen, or about 2.1 million baht.

Juntendo University previously clarified in 2018 that it raised the standard for female students in entrance examinations to “bridge the gap between male students” following a scandal involving a medical school entrance examination that Exposing inappropriate practices occurred in many educational institutions. At that time, Juntendo University argued that Female students have better communication skills. Therefore, it has the advantage of interviewing in the entrance examination.

The Japanese government's investigation into the case began four years ago after another medical school, Tokyo Medical University. admitted to systematically reducing the scores of female applicants taking the entrance examination in order to make the proportion of female students in the system around 30%

In the government report, Female candidates were discriminated against at four of the 81 institutions surveyed. Local media at the time reported that admissions officials believed women would leave the medical profession or work less when they were married and had children.

from this scandalous issue Tokyo Medical School Juntendo University and Kitasato University came out to admit and apologize But St. Marianna Medical University denies the allegations. While there are still many lawsuits against universities and medical schools. After the story unfolded in 2018
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