Compatible keyboards !

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Compatible keyboards !

Příspěvekod Johneames » 31 říj 2017, 07:47


I'm having trouble finding a keyboard that will work in my 970. The first keyboard I tried was an older Apple keyboard. It caused the biggest machine lockup I've ever seen! The 970 froze completely and wouldn't power down, and I mean wouldn't power down even after the power supply was unplugged from the wall! I still had the last screen up on the lcd with the power supply unplugged, I eventually got it off by holding the machines off buttons for about 30 seconds. I then tried a keyboard approved by SD for the 664, and it didn't work . I managed to get a windows keyboard to work for about 1 minute before it stopped working. Is there an approved list of keyboards out there or do I just have a faulty machine?


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Re: Compatible keyboards !

Příspěvekod lusih » 15 črc 2019, 12:34

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