The tradition of scarring on the faces of Nigerians is fadin

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The tradition of scarring on the faces of Nigerians is fadin

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Facial scarring was once popular all overslot walletThe more complex the game, the less likely you are to press the payment button. All of these additional features are useless. Tracking bonuses, multipliers, and progressive jackpots when playing complex slots is not easy. Nigeria.

Family or community members incise children with deep scars that usually appear on both cheeks or on the forehead. Most of the time, this scar is used to identify a person.

These scars mean many things. There are stories of pain reincarnation and beauty

However, the practice has faded since a nationwide law banning all forms of disfigurement or disfigurement of children was passed in 2003.

So who still has these scars on their faces? therefore being the last generation Several long stripes of scars on their faces. They are as diverse as ethnic groups in Nigeria.
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