Explosion in Kiev After Ukrainian soldiers recapture the cit

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Explosion in Kiev After Ukrainian soldiers recapture the cit

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The mayor of Kiev revealed The Ukrainian capitalเว็บสล็อตxowas bombed by several bombs. After Ukrainian soldiers recapture the city of Sivia Rodonetsk from Russia.

On June 5, 2022, Reuters reported that Kiev was hit by bombs early on Sunday morning. According to reports from the mayor of Kiev capital of ukraine

The incident came a day after Ukrainian officials said Ukrainian troops recapture the area of ​​Sivia Rodonetsk. which is a battleground on the east coast Returned from Russia

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said several explosions had taken place in the Darnitsky district and Dniprovsky district of Kiev. and stated that the officer had already entered the scene

A witness told Reuters that see smoke in kiev after the explosion

The mayor said At least one person has been hospitalized, but no deaths were reported until Sunday morning. Other officials said the Russian attack appeared to target the rail network.

Despite Russia's continued attacks on Ukraine and widespread destruction But the situation in Kiev has been calm in recent weeks. After Russia targeted the eastern and southern areas. especially in the city of Sivia Rodonetsk in which there was a fierce battle

Russia mobilizes at Sivy Rodonetsk for a ground battle. Russia appears to be putting its game on capturing one of the two eastern provinces. that Russia claims to be a separatist agent

Searhy Gaidai, Governor of Luhansk Region which covers the city of Sivia Rodonetsk said on Sunday that The Ukrainian army had already controlled about half of the city of Sivia Rodonetsk. After seizing the city from a large number of Russian troops,

“It's a difficult situation. Russia occupies 70% of the city, but in the last two days They have to step back,” Gaidai said on Ukrainian television. along with saying “The city is now divided in half. more or less.”

However, the plea of ​​the Ukrainian authorities Still can't verify that this is true or not.

The British Ministry of Defense said on Sunday that Ukrainian counter-attacks in the last 24 hours It is likely to weaken the operational momentum gained by the Russian military in the previous period.
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