The United Nations changed the name of Turkey to Turkey upon

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The United Nations changed the name of Turkey to Turkey upon

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on June 2 after agreeing to a request from the Turkish government.

Since late last year, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has asked international authorities to change the name from Turkey to Turkey.

Erdogan said in December last year that "Turkia represents and best expresses its culture, civilization and values".

The United Nations stated that The name was corrected immediately after the request was received this week.

Most Turks already know their country as Turkia, but the English term Turkey is still widely used. even the people of the country

Turkey's TRT television station quickly changed the name After this project was announced last year. by explaining that One of the reasons for the renaming of the new country was The English name Turkey means turkey, which is a kind of poultry that is associated with Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving.

It also states that one of the definitions of the term In the Cambridge Dictionary of English, it means "something that has failed violently" or "a poop or a fool".
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