How is L4D score determined ?

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How is L4D score determined ?

Příspěvekod Johneames » 07 lis 2017, 08:58


Ive been playing L4d for a few years and I always get different responses from everyoone I ask. I'm not talking about the end of round score, I mean the score that determines your rank on Gametracker and in the Steam Server Info. Some people say it depends how many infect you kill, some say its how many surv you kill (thats deff not right) I hear it goes on picking up incapped surv and tossing pills someones way but none of it makes sense. The most common response I get is "How ever many infect you kill is your score." So i went into my server and played a game. I killed 16 infected and my score was only 9. Can someone answer this who ACTUALLY knows

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Re: How is L4D score determined ?

Příspěvekod Zacaunt » 23 kvě 2019, 08:44

That will determine from the different of the score with the one of the best options while catching from the strategy. It will be so much for the good inter need from the website then all links are fake for the getting some special information of the trackers.
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