Pieceworker + rsw dialog issue in game 3016723

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Pieceworker + rsw dialog issue in game 3016723

Příspěvekod kevinmanuel » 27 dub 2018, 12:08


I got Pieceworker in 5p game 3016723 and was going for reed + stone + wood with extras.
So I checked the box for wood & stone & ok but then realized I wanted to do it in the confirmation dialog. After this, I can not get the Pieceworker dialog back. It only shows the regular + rsw dialog with ok & cancel button, no checkboxes. Tried reloading the page, still same status. I suspect this is not a game instance issue but arepeatable bug. Advice, please?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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