Boho Resort Ain Sokhna

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Boho Resort Ain Sokhna

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Boho Resort Ain Sokhna

Looking for a distinctive unit at reasonable prices and international designs?! Now in front of you is the best tourist resorts… Boho Resort Ain Sokhna
Boho is the latest project in Ain Sokhna, and it is under the project list of Al-Asriya Real Estate Development Company and the owner of the Divina Gardens project in El Shorouk City and Boardwalk in the New Administrative Capital. This project is characterized by accuracy in all the architectural designs based on it, and the real estate developer is implementing many innovative projects Which help you choose the perfect housing for you and your family.

Boho Resort has many scenic landscapes and vast green spaces that wrap around it from everywhere. The name of the project came from the word Bohemian, the term that means the lifestyle has changed differently. Hence, many distinctive designs and ideas were put forward in terms of colors and modern finishes to suit the tastes of its inhabitants.

Boho Ain Sokhna Resort location
Boho Resort is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of Ain Sokhna, as it is located specifically on Zaafarana Road and close to the largest coastal projects, Porto Sokhna Resort, and separated from the main roads and axes by very short distances, making it easy for you to move with ease.

The most important features of Boho Ain Sokhna location:

The project is a short distance from the new Galala Road, only about 3 and a half kilometers.
The resort is separated from the city of Porto Sokhna, a distance of about 20 km.
The project is close to the city of Cairo, as it is separated from it by car from 60 to 80 minutes.
The resort of Boho Ain Sukhna is located near the most famous coastal resorts, including the resort of Mangroovy in El Gouna.
The resort is close to the main hubs through which you can move to any other city you want easily and in a few minutes.
The project is very close to Porto Sokhna Beach, and Porto Beach Resort.
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