This game isn't coming out.

Obecná diskuze ohledně sequelu Left4Dead

This game isn't coming out.

Příspěvekod Johneames » 01 lis 2017, 12:41


communications blackout for months followed by a 3000 word post from the shafer that boils down to nothing substantial, funds expended but hoping for jan 2017 release (3 years later)

This is a dead game.

Maybe I'm biased because safer ruined civ with civ5, but I actually had high hope for this game until he completely shit the bed again

Turns out making a game isn't as easy as he expected, maybe he should have thought about that before taking folks money and throwing it into the game dev fire


For More Details:

graphic video
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Re: This game isn't coming out.

Příspěvekod meliaugh » 19 bře 2019, 08:55

The game is not coming out for the entertainment of the kids. The groups of the games and reviews is accentuated for the people. The prospects of the success are met for the features and instruments of the game for the contentment of the persons.
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