Best All-In-One Front-End/Matching Brand Amp

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Re: Best All-In-One Front-End/Matching Brand Amp

Příspěvek od Jessica P » 04 črc 2019, 20:21

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Best All-In-One Front-End/Matching Brand Amp

Příspěvek od Johneames » 27 lis 2017, 06:26


Currently, my an AAM (Auralic Aries Mini), into Mytek Brooklyn; and either Backert Labs Rhumba 1.2, or Cary SLI-80 Sig.

I'd like to find, a good streamer/DAC; TIDAL/MQA, and DSD support are essential...bolted to a true, analog pre-amp section. I guess, right now...something like PS Audio's DSJ (DirectStream Junior); is what I'm judging others by.

Combined with that...I'd like to find the same company, that makes a nice, mating amplifier. DSJ/BHK 250. I've looked at NAD; the M22 has potential, but I don't think the M12 or 50.2, are quite what I'm looking for.

Please help.

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